Components of the Electronic Cigs

Electronic cigars are gradually gaining momentum. More people are developing interests in the use of the e-cig. They are different from the traditional cigars since they are electronically powered. These cigars have got many features that make them work as efficiently as possible. Being electronic, it means that they have fully embraced the use of technology. You cannot therefore use these cigars if you are not connected with electricity. The device has got a battery that needs regular charging. For you to be assured of regular service, your device ought to be in a perfect condition. Its tank ought to have sufficient level of the electronic liquid so that you can rest assured of the vapor.

This article will take you step by step on what you expect as far as this device is concerned. In the long run, you will be able to learn about the differences and the similarities that do exist between the traditional and the electronic cigars. If you love consuming the tobacco, you will realize that you have several options of inhaling. The article will also remind you that tobacco consumption is hazardous to your health. In fact, it contains nicotine which is one of the drugs that are very addictive. The following are the features of the e-cig that make it quite different from the traditional cig;

  • Mouthpiece
  • Cartridge
  • E-juice


This is the most essential part of your electronic cigs. It is specially meant to fit perfectly to your mouth so that as you vape, you will find the exercise simple and awesome. It is made up of the rubber material which is known for its good texture. Your mouth will never be hurt as you vape the whole day. The mouthpiece is also fixed with the battery that is meant to heat up the solution to produce the vapor that is supposed to be inhaled. It can be compared with the filter in the normal cig.


This is a storage tank. It is also known as the reservoir. It is meant to store the electronic liquid before it is heated up. It has a capacity of up to one point five milliliter. This is where your favorite e-juice is stored waiting for the vaporization. You will only need to refill this reservoir with the liquid of your choice. This is because of the fact that such liquids differ depending on your taste and preferences. This is one of the most stunning features of the e-cig.


This is a special liquid that exist in several brands. It is supposed to be put in the reservoir of your e-cig device. It is extracted from the fresh tobacco leaves before it is chemically treated to form various varieties. Without this special liquid, no vaping will ever take place. However the best thing about this liquid is that you can buy it from your local shops and get to refill your device‚Äôs reservoir. This will ensure that your e-cig works better than it has been.…

Features of the E-Cigs that you Should Know

Have you ever tasted the vaping experience? It is not so different from your normal smoking using the traditional cigar. This article will perfectly highlight the main differences that do exist between the normal cigar and the electronic cigars. If you have so far smoked the traditional cigar, you can be pretty sure that you will get the fast understanding of this concept. In the traditional cigar, the dry tobacco is fitted perfectly on a dry paper that can be ignited with any source of fire. After the tobacco has caught fire, it gets burnt so that smoke is produced. The smoke contains some elements of nicotine.

Once the smoke gets into your bloodstream, you can be pretty sure that it will have sensational feeling. On the other hand, the e-cig is an electronic device that is meant to vaporize the e-liquid at the highest temperatures so that it can evaporate and then the vapor comes out so as it can be inhaled. It is important to note that vaporization is made possible by the act of the battery that is fitted in the device. The device therefore needs to be recharged regularly so as to make sure that your device is working as perfect as it is expected. These devices are produced by different companies. This makes them to exist in a number of varieties. The following are some of the features of e-cig devices that are in the market today and how they are different from the traditional cigars;

  • Battery
  • E-liquid
  • Cartridge


Unlike the traditional cigars, the modern cigars that are referred to as the electronic cigars are powered by electricity. This therefore means that for you to be able to benefit from the e-cigs, you need o be connected with the electricity. This is because of the fact that the device needs regular charging of the battery. The battery plays an important role in the device. It is through the battery that the coil is able to be ignited for the purposes of heating up the liquid so that the desired vapor is produced. This is so different from the case of the traditional cigar. The normal cigars do not rely on any source of power but only by the source of fire that is close to you.


It is a special liquid that is commonly known as the e-juice. It is the extracts of tobacco leaves. Once it is extracted, it is treated so as it can be formed into different flavors. So as a vapor, you will only refill your device with the type of e-liquid that you love. This gives you a variety as opposed to the traditional cigars that has limited options.


This is a special reservoir that is meant to store the electronic liquid in the device. Since the liquid is subjected to the highest level of heating, it is bound to reduce in terms of its volume. This therefore calls for regular refilling of your e-cig reservoir for the perfect services.…

Are you Interested to Know About E-Cigs? Read Here

There are awesome reasons as to why you need to understand a few tips as far as the vaping is concerned. It just came as one of the ways of taking smoking to the next level. It involves the usage of electronic devices that is commonly known as the e-cig. The electronic cigars are just the replica of the traditional cigar that you are aware of. Both of the traditional and electronic cigars are used to inhale tobacco. The best thing about the e-cig is that, you can use the same device for so many years.

All that you shall be doing is to add the e-juice into the cartridges of your device. An e-juice is a special liquid that is gotten after crashing the fresh leaves of tobacco. The liquid is then processed so as it can have perfect smell according to your preference. This is the reason why there are many flavors in the market. If you could like to have a good understanding on how the device works, then this article will aid you to get satisfaction as far as the functionality of this device is concerned.

Each device has got a rechargeable battery that is meant to heat up the heater or the coil in the device. The heater is then meant to heat or vaporize the e-liquid at the highest temperatures. As the liquid evaporates, vapor is produced that contains some traces of nicotine. The following are the three types of such devices that can be used for vaping nicotine;

  • VaporFi VAIO GO
  • Phix Starter kit
  • Magnum Snaps


It is known for its ability to stand for a long time without draining its battery. If you are fond of vaping for a long time, you can rest assured that this is your type. The battery is so strong that you will have to charge it once and vape for a long time. On the other hand, the device has got a cartridge that has got a good capacity. What this means is that you will refill your device once and you will have to enjoy a long vaping experience than what you could have gained from other types of e-cigs.

Phix Starter kit

This is another device that you can rely on as far as the output of the vapor is concerned. The main aim of using the device is to gain as much vapor is possible. Phix Starter kit has the best output that can be relied upon. Its reservoir has got a perfect capacity that can accommodate a great quantity hence making your vaping experience awesome. This is how e-cigs are able to make your vaping perfect.

Magnum Snaps

Magnum snaps is another device that can be used in vaping. This type is well known for its ability to fit perfectly into your pocket. It has a sleek design that makes the device stylish. If you have it in your pocket, no one will ever suspect that you have an e-cig.…