Features of the E-Cigs that you Should Know

Have you ever tasted the vaping experience? It is not so different from your normal smoking using the traditional cigar. This article will perfectly highlight the main differences that do exist between the normal cigar and the electronic cigars. If you have so far smoked the traditional cigar, you can be pretty sure that you will get the fast understanding of this concept. In the traditional cigar, the dry tobacco is fitted perfectly on a dry paper that can be ignited with any source of fire. After the tobacco has caught fire, it gets burnt so that smoke is produced. The smoke contains some elements of nicotine.

Once the smoke gets into your bloodstream, you can be pretty sure that it will have sensational feeling. On the other hand, the e-cig is an electronic device that is meant to vaporize the e-liquid at the highest temperatures so that it can evaporate and then the vapor comes out so as it can be inhaled. It is important to note that vaporization is made possible by the act of the battery that is fitted in the device. The device therefore needs to be recharged regularly so as to make sure that your device is working as perfect as it is expected. These devices are produced by different companies. This makes them to exist in a number of varieties. The following are some of the features of e-cig devices that are in the market today and how they are different from the traditional cigars;

  • Battery
  • E-liquid
  • Cartridge


Unlike the traditional cigars, the modern cigars that are referred to as the electronic cigars are powered by electricity. This therefore means that for you to be able to benefit from the e-cigs, you need o be connected with the electricity. This is because of the fact that the device needs regular charging of the battery. The battery plays an important role in the device. It is through the battery that the coil is able to be ignited for the purposes of heating up the liquid so that the desired vapor is produced. This is so different from the case of the traditional cigar. The normal cigars do not rely on any source of power but only by the source of fire that is close to you.


It is a special liquid that is commonly known as the e-juice. It is the extracts of tobacco leaves. Once it is extracted, it is treated so as it can be formed into different flavors. So as a vapor, you will only refill your device with the type of e-liquid that you love. This gives you a variety as opposed to the traditional cigars that has limited options.


This is a special reservoir that is meant to store the electronic liquid in the device. Since the liquid is subjected to the highest level of heating, it is bound to reduce in terms of its volume. This therefore calls for regular refilling of your e-cig reservoir for the perfect services.